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Shelly Blake

"Folk Blues and Things To Use" (CD)
amBiguous CITY! Records
November 2000


Shelly BlakeShelly Blake
Shelly BlakeShelly Blake
Shelly BlakeShelly Blake


Shelly Blake

"Absolutely brilliant, everything Blake records is both incredibly raw and always fascinating. Blake represents the cutting edge of underground music, a place where electronic merges with Kinks licks in a filthy spiral of grunge and glamour. What Blake does best, and has done since the early '90s, is infuse twenty-first century lo-fi punk with soul... He is a haunted soul, a tormented genius who records on the fringes of the American music scene, and he blossoms here, creating diverse and thrilling new music. He may ignore the growing fan base that clamors for each of his releases, but the world cannot ignore his painful magic for much longer." — Splendid 2003

"Shelly Blake's early recordings were studies in unpolished artistry. Recorded under the most humble of conditions, they raised no walls between the listener and his startlingly frank, anguished performances." — Demo Universe 2002

"...a vibrational alchemist of the first order." — Demo Universe 2002

"Ignore at your own risk." — Decibel Magazine 1997

"Brilliant. A dose of genius." — Alternative Press 1996

"He can seem to be offering up a diary page in song." — Lee Gardner, City Paper 1996

" of the most consistently remarkable lo-fi demos I have ever heard. Shelly dangles his entrails in the daylight with each painfully inspired twitch of his cracking, quavering voice." — Alternative Press 1995

"...overflowing with complex emotions, luminous lyricism and sad, stark beauty. Isn't it time you heard something real?" — Demo Universe on Folk Blues and Things to Use