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Scott Farkus Affair

"The Urban Development Series Vol. 3"
(Split CD EP w/ The Scott Farkus Affair)
amBiguous CITY! Records
August, 1998


"64 FPS " (CD)
Noise Box Recordings


"Discount" (CD)
Noise Box Recordings






Moviegoer is...
Dave Ort, Shawn Overbey, Paul Ort, Mike Hoff, and Greg.

Moviegoer is 5-piece alternative indie rock band form Baltimore, MD. Heavy, melodic, and at times unique rythms and time signatures.


Moviegoer's debut full length, "64 FPS", is like the gift to the devil's eye in charge of all storms and unnatural acts of which the men hurdle without even breaking a sweat. Favorite tracks include all twelve. Really. If you don't go and buy this CD just for the silk-screened covers and glassine wrapper you're stupid. They use all chords, milk and kids toys effectively. If you dig Jawbox, certain tight technical elements like Tool uses and hooky as music can be without being too annoying. Then Moviegoer is your ticket.
- Slash and

This is one gorgeously appointed package. It looks and feels way cool. The strident chords and atonal singing are the key elements, though the songs also follow emo's abrupt contruction style. What really separates Moviegoer from other bands is the way it incorporates rythm into its pieces. The rythm guitar works wonderfully in counterpoint to the bass and drum, providing a complexity that most emo bands never bother to find. The consistent quality of the songs elevates these boys from the mundane. Wound up tight as a clock, but skilled enough to discharge without exploding. The sort of tunes which make an immediate impact on the phyche.
- Aiding & Abetting #190

A beautiful silk-screened print on a cardboard tri-fold, enclosed in a screen-printed rice-paper sleeve. Without a doubt, the most beatiful CD case I've seen the year, a work of art. The debut by this Baltimore 5-piece blendsplenty of mathy guitars with a touch of prog rock. Dave ort's vocals are in full wail, throaty and raw and right on the mark.The CD's highlights are all on the heavy side, like the chugging "Flows Strong," with its haiku-like lyical phrasing and always pushing, Thirty Ought Six-style guitars. "Sink Or Swim" is all angles and swagger, leaning oh so closly to falling off into minor key abyss, only to pull itself back to an anthemic shore. "The Brand New #2," with its epic guitars closes out the CD in grand style.
- Lazyeye


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