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Musical Album

"Musical Album" (CD)
Summer 2004



Like Moving Insects


Noam Levy
Todd Starlin
Jon Francis
Joshua Marcus
Tom Bendel

Like Moving Insects pollinate their musical experience within an encompassing mixture of unique disciplines. Marrying soul, folk, digital blips, analog hiss, math rock, lullabies, Torch songs and just about anything else tuneful or otherwise, L.M.I. attempts to offer an alternative to the multitudes of over-amplified bar bands, trying to re-sensitize its listeners with textures and timbres of horns & strings, bow & slide, wood & wire.

Alike to all people, L.M.I. is influenced by anything and everything they come into contact with. Specific artists are too numerous to list, and the band feels that if you hear a connection then there probably is. They do however, offer that, “We have faith that folks inherently feel and respond when music transcends genre, regardless of previous musical knowledge or abilities. We like that kind of music, too.”
Gathering into its current herd in the late fall of 2002, the members of Like Moving Insects have since toured the country in a rented van, gotten engaged, written, recorded and released a full length record entitled “Musical Album”, learned to like spicy foods, and performed with such bands as Okkervil River, Royal City, Shearwater, The Mendoza Line & Elysian Fields.

At present, Like Moving Insects are based in Philadelphia, PA and are continually traveling to introduce their songs into all welcoming venues. They offer an early demo CD, downloadable, free of charge from their website, and in the near future plan on releasing a home recorded collection of popular songs concerning bad weather and beginning the recording of the follow up to “Musical Album” as well as a collaborative CD with their past tour mates in JOY (Shrimper Records) which will be released as part of AmBiguous City! Records’ Urban Development Series.

The band is made up of Joshua Marcus (guitars, vocals, Todd Starlin (trumpet, keyboards, vocals), Tom Bendel (percussion, vocals), Jon Francis (bowed banjo, strings, vocals) & Noam Levy (lap steel, bass).

They recently recorded an in studio performance for Jon Solomon (My Pal God Records) which he’s going to air September 8th on his WPRB 103.3FM ( radio show. It should broadcast around 8PM. You can stream the station live from their website or you can listen when it’s archived at along with a bunch of other great performances by bands like Okkervil River, The Capitol Years, American Altitude, & the Ex-Models. Check it out.


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