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"The Metrosexual EP" (CD EP)
amBiguous CITY! Records / Pox World Empire
(Coming Fall 2003)

Sweets from the Minibar

"Sweets From The MiniBar" (CD)
Eskimo Kiss Records


"WE Festival 2002" (CD)
Song: Lower Moreland
Eskimo Kiss Records
Summer 2002

Two Kisses In A Row

"Two Kisses In A Row" (CD)
Plastique Recording Co.

Carload of Scenic Effects

"Carload of Scenic Effects" (CD)
Merkin Recordings

Sick Of Being Tired

"Sick of Being Tired +3" (CD EP / 7")
amBiguous CITY! Records

"Raggedy Aneurysm EP" (CD EP)
Merkin Records




Gerty is...
David Koslowski, Shirlé Hale & Maria Albani

Gerty is a New Wave band from Durham, NC. Originally formed in 1996 in Baltimore by multi-instrumentalist, Shirlé Hale (ex-Womyn of Destruction), David Koslowski (ex-Liquor Bike) and Miyuki Furtado (The Rogers Sisters). The group has gone through a few lineup changes and is currently performing with Rafael Goldberg (guitar/bass). David and Shirlé write the material and Rafi helps them flesh it out.

The band has one foot in the past and one-foot in the future. Using drum machines, vintage keyboards & electric guitars to create tunes that are uniquely fresh, yet very reminiscent of early ‘80s New Wave. They have released 3 full length CDs, an EP and one 7” single for a variety labels (Eskimo Kiss, Merkin and amBiguous City!).

Gerty will be releasing a brand new EP called The MetroSexual EP on Baltimore’s amBiguous City! Records this spring/early summer 2003. The premise behind the EP is to get listeners to shake their rumps and forget that George W. Bush is, unfortunately, our leader. The disc will include 4 new smash hits, a dance remix of “Lower Moreland” from last year’s Sweets from the Minibar and the band will also cover Bush Tetras’ “You Can’t Be Funky” and Polyrock’s “Your Dragging Feet.” As an extra bonus, the video for the original version of “Lower Moreland” will also be included. It’s the party record of the summer, Gerty commands you to pour yourself a strong one and shake that ass!


Gerty - Sweets From The Minibar
This is a charming and unpretentious collection of old-fashioned new wave music by Shirlé Hale and David Koslowski. The duo recorded the basic tracks in their bedroom studio in Durham, NC, then Chris Stamey (the dB's, Yo la Tengo, Le Tigre) finished the job as producer. Mitch Easter (Let's Active frontman and R.E.M. producer), Jon Wurster (Superchunk), Carrie Shull, and Corey Sims (both of the Micro-East Collective) make guest appearances, but Hale and Koslowski handle most of the instruments themselves, including drum machines and assorted keyboards. They also wrote all of the songs, except for a cover version of Julian Cope's "Head Hang Low," and demonstrate a flair for constructing catchy hooks. Hale is a better vocalist than the less-forceful Koslowski, as revealed by listening to the Hale-dominated "Magnastar" followed by the Koslowski-dominated "As Far As I Can See," but they are both at their best when trading off each other on tracks such as "Short Drive Home." There's nothing particularly groundbreaking about this music, of course, but it's still very appealing. If you like the Cars, Human League, Berlin, and similar bands, then there's a good chance that you'll enjoy Gerty. -
Todd Kristel, All Music Guide

Gerty - Sweets From The Minibar (5 stars)
This is a great pop record. New wavey & fun while being sometimes sad on the fringes, it is unlike much of anything coming out today. The husband & wife team of David & Shirle' write songs that feature tasteful, uncheesy keys, melancholy melodies, & abundant catchiness. Jon Wurster (Superchunk) plays drums on one song, Chris Stamey (dB's, Pylon, Le Tigre, Yo La Tengo, Butchies) produced & mixed it, and Mitch Easter (Let's Active/renown producer) plays a guitar solo on one song, so you know that people with taste helped bring this one together & I hope that brings some credibility to this for you the reader because it is a fucking solid effort. This album is as good as falling in love again. (Eskimo Kiss Records, PO Box 3603, Wilmington, NC 28406)
-GY, Torpedo Magazine