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Good Housekeeping

ABC020 -LANDSPEEDRECORD! "Good Housekeeping" CD - $10 PPD

8 previously unreleased songs plus a collection of favorites from out of print records. Features appearances by Nate Bell (Lungfish), Marc Berrong (Slow Jets), and Lee Havery Keitel (Lee Havery Keitel, Buttsteak). Split label release with DC's Resin Records.

1) The Paxil Song MP3
2) Robotic Pornographic Queen  
3) Personal Safety MP3
4) Accident MP3
5) Count Me Out  
6) Invisible and Invincible  
7) Alecia Silverstone Shame Spiral  
8) I Am Sharon Tate!  
9) Mission From God  
10) How I Ruined My Life  
11) Let The Exorcism Begin  
12) The Bleeding Heart of Cement  
13) Interoffice Copulation  
14) Signs and Symptoms  
15) Dead Girlfriend  
16) Kilki  
17) Mistake  
18) Glue Gun  
19) Road To Flight  


"I am on a mission from God," shrieks Charley Jamison, in one of Landspeedrecord's most memorable songs. And he may just be right. This Baltimore quartet's career has been a jihad against complacent, predictable indie-rock. The band's sings - fueled by Jamison's bizarrely orginal lyrics, frentic riffs, and a jumpy rock-solid rhythm section - poke and prod the edges of sanity. Insanity has never felt so good. This CD present eight new tracks and another 11 culled from earlier out-of-print LSR albums and EP's and is absolutely recommended as a vital addition to your collection if you're even in the least bit interested in indie rock that dares to veer from the mainstream.
- Jersey Beat, Jim Testa

Rating: 5 Stars
Landspeedrecord! are a fun band for all. Good Housekeeping is a collection of unreleased and out-of-print material that will rip your shit up and make you feel all the better for it. Landspeedrecord!'s brand of quirky thrash post punk rock is guaranteed to keep any nonconformist socialite pleased.

Lead singer Charles Jamison's audacious lyrics highlight Good Housekeeping. On the apocalypse: We're all gonna die in a fireball of pain, but you shouldn't complain ("Kilki"). On serial killing: I have a collection of sharp objects, ice picks... if it sounds kinda obvious it's because I'm going to use it on your head ("Dead Girlfriend"). On pop references: Shame Spiral! Turn Out the light! That's Gross ("Alicia Silverstone Shame Spiral"). On love in the workplace: I didn't mean to lick your nameplate ("Interoffice Copulation").

Underneath the sarcasm and self-mockery, Landspeedrecord! immerse the listener in a new world and tell a new story with every song. Landspeedrecord! go out in style on the suicide-themed "Road to Flight," a simple "old tyme" vocal with acoustic guitar accompaniment, in which Jamison cries out with all his might, "a hangman's noose is a Hallmark card for the holiday that kills." This is the song on the album worth hearing. For that reason, it is not the Featured Track of this review. Only the one with "I am on a Mission from God" is worthy.

Suicide may not be fun, but Landspeedrecord! are reminiscent of the greatest of all sarcastic groups in that they often mean exactly the opposite of what they are saying, and that my friends is high art. Landspeedrecord! is fun for kids!
- Jacob Fink, Agouti Magazine

The Baltimore-based band Landspeedrecord is one of those groups that seems to have a new release out every time we do a new issue. Their latest Goud Housekeeping, as the title indicates, a clearing out of odds and ends originally found on various compilations and out of print albums. Landpseedrecord are sort of a hard band to pin down, but also rather easy to like. They're somewhat punk-ish, are melodic yet have that post-punk trademark sense of distance to their sound, have a strong funk center, rely on a wry, somewhat cynical sense of humor (as evidenced by song titles like Alicia Silverstone Shame Spiral and Interoffice Copulation) yet also deal with some pretty heavy subjects. With an even greater breadth of styles than most of their releases, Good Housekeeping shows all those sides and then some. Good Housekeeping is a solid overview of a band that stands in its own unique shadow.
- Erasing, Dave Heaton

Landspeedrecord! is one of the most great hidden treasures of the East Coast. Lurching rhythms, scathing yelling & searing grooves that are build on discord & tension, the band’s sound is like an amusement park ride for schizophrenic amphetamine addicts who read Burroughs. And, by the way, the shit rocks.
- GY, Torpedo Magazine

Although a favorite of other DOA writers for some time, this is my first real exposure to Landspeedrecord! and their brand of quirky rock. My first thought is that this Baltimore, Maryland band represents, in all the best ways, everything I loved about the Archers of Loaf without totally copping that band's sound. The music is quirky in structure as well as theme, taking great glorification in songs about Paxil, Alicia Silverstone, interoffice copulation, and other pressing topics. And with singer Charley Jamison's semi-gruff voice, the band at times even sounds similar to old Archers of Loaf, modernized for the new millennium and given a dose of punk-rock sensibility and modern indie-rock instrumentation.

Good Housekeeping is an interesting release, compiling eight "new" songs and 11 other tracks from the band's earlier releases that appear to be tragically out of print. For the uninitiated such as myself, it's the perfect introduction to this highly prolific band even while it will be necessary for the longtime fans, if only for those eight new songs. Those tracks - recorded in part for the band's short full-length album Corporate Secret and an Ambiguous City compilation and finished for this release - are stellar examples of the band's sound, but it's their older songs, dating back to the mid-90s, that are my personal favorites.

Clearly the new ones show a band at the top of their game, playing tighter and with better production, and song titles like "The Paxil Song" and "Robotic Pornographic Queen" are pretty entertaining alone. My favorites, though, are the more entertaining songs. "Accident" is almost irresistibly catchy, with hand-claps and an almost 80s-style vibe that belies the darker tone. And "Alicia Silverstone Shame Spiral," with its uproarious, fast-paced romp of a rhythm, is ridiculously fun.

There's a host of strong material from the band's previous releases as well. The basslines on "Mission From God" are stellar, and the jangly guitar gives me the feel of classic mid-90s alt-rock. "Let the Exorcism Begin" is fun in a dark sort of way, with its combination of keyboards and guitars. "The Bleeding Heart of Cement" is a good example of Jamison's sung/story-telling style of singing with some strong guitarwork and a plodding mood. My favorite songs, though, are some of their older songs. "Dead Girlfriend" is just a riot, with fantastic lyrics and some great guitarwork. "Kilki," too, has a dark, apocalyptic theme, but the thick bass and gruff approach makes this one of my favorite songs.

Landspeedrecord! has clearly been consistent throughout their career, just adding to their ability while retaining their quirky song structures and themes. Their music continues to be up-tempo, aggressive, and catchy. Fans of the band will likely have many of these songs but will require the album for the new tracks, but Good Housekeeping functions best as an introduction to this Baltimore band.
- Delusions of Adequacy, Jeff