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The Slow Wire

ABC018 - THE SLOW WIRE "Analog.Living" CD - $10 PPD

The debut album by The Slow Wire, an incredible project from Dave Urbano of Aviso' Hara, also featuring guest appearances by many other Jersey rockers, such as Amy Jacob from Prosolar Mechanics.

1) Crossed Wires MP3
2) Medicine  
3) Super Glue  
4) Badweather Friend  
5) Analog Living  
6) Pixel Addict  
7) Eternal Now  
8) Motor Away  
9) Silver Rings  
10) Untitled Somehow  
11) Prank  


Analog Living


David Urbano is the bass player for the great Aviso Hara, and while that band is currently on hiatus as they gear up for a (hopefully soon) influx of cashflow for further recording, Dave has been writing his own songs & put together The Slow Wire, which currently is the best cd I have heard all year out of any band from New Jersey. Of course I immediately want this review's attention to go to their brilliant 80's New-wavey cover of Guided By Voices "Motor Away" but that would be shortchanging the brilliant original songs that Urbano has put together… farfisa keys underlay strum-pop indie rock & the voice of Dave is sly & monotonous like Imperial Teen pulls off often… the one drawback to this cd is the silly and blasphemous parody of the best song to ever exist on the planet, "Sympathy For The Devil" by The Rolling Stones. I will forgive them, but it will take awhile. That aside, this is pretty much a perfect indie pop album. Find some mp3's of this band, check them out, and fucking buy this album, put the songs on mixes for your friends, request them on 3WK, drive to the east coast & see them live, get some stickers, put them on your car, wear their shirts to school, and if you are bored, spray paint their name underneath the most prominent bridge in town. (4 Stars)
- GY, Torpedo Magazine

On Analog Living, The Slow Wire appealingly mixes the standard guitar-bass-drums setup with Moog and Wurlitzer noodling to weave a near-perfect indie pop pastiche. At times redolent of of Superchunk, Seam, and other indie pop stalwarts, The Slow Wire nevertheless presents a contribution to that canon worthy of its own recongnition with this collection of ten tracks and three untitled bonus songs. "Super Glue" mixes singer-songwriter-guitar-bassist-keyboardist David Urbano's vocals with those of Amy Jacob (who provides backing vocals0); It's by the airiest track on the album, but the male-female hamonies put a pretty spin on the song's catchy formula/ "Badweather Friend" is a lish, dreamy, synth-based slow drone; while the title track that immediately follows shifts into a driving,s traight-up rock 'n roll groove. "Pixel Addict", one of the most conventionally catchy yet aesthetically arresting tracks on the album, demonstrates the band's clear Pixies influences. Analog Living avoids the irritating shoegazer tendencies so ingrained in many of The Slow Wire's contemporaries, and while it's not a groundbreaking record, it's a smooth and infectious effort that's all the more welcome in an era in which good new pop records are too hard to find.
- Amanda Cantrell, Pop Culture Press

Slow Wire is the solo project of Aviso' Hara bassist Dave Urbano, who here steps out of the shadow of his band (and bass) to write, sing, and perform most of these dozen or so tracks (there are ten listed and a few bonus cuts, including an aborted version of "Sympathy For The Devil.") In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I‚ve known Dave Urbano for ten years (through three bands) and I‚ve always had high regard for him as a musician and a friend. And with all that, Analog Living still blew me away. I had no idea he could carry a tune, let alone sing the wide variety of styles encompassed by this CD. There are echoes of Guided By Voices, Magnetic Fields, Superchunk, Britpop, the Elephant Six Collective‚s neo-psychedelia, and lots more, mixing guitars and synths (Moog and Wurlitzer organ) with harmony vocals and head-bobbing beats (drums mostly by Tommy Bendel). From the winsome innocence of "Super Glue"to Crazy Horse grunge of "Analog Living"to the slow loping pop whimsy of "Pixel Living,"Slow Wire keeps throwing different textures, tempos, and dynamics at you with a casual grace that‚s a 180 degree twist from the sonic train-wreck of Aviso' Hara. Bottom line: I gotta start paying more attention when my friends tell me they‚re working on solo projects.
- Jim Testa, Jersey Beat

Really nice moody and melodic guitar rock. The Slow Wire is the brainchild of David Urbano...a young gentleman with the voice and songwriting skills to go far. This album was recorded at Wayne Dorell's Pigeon Club. The thick compositions on are smart and energetic...but there's a strong melodic sense that pushes them to another level. Urbano's vocal style is just right. His breathy vocals are in that perfect part of the mix in between the guitars and the bass...and he makes it all sound like it takes no effort at all (which we are certain is actually NOT the case...). The tunes, are, for the most part direct and to the point...with little excess in terms of overdubs and arrangements. Plenty of good, heady, alternative guitar rock here... Our particular favorites are "Crossed Wires," "Medicine," "Pixel Addict" (great song AND great song title), and "Untitled Somehow." Killer tunes, killer delivery... (Rating: 5)
- Baby Sue