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We WIll Become Destination

ABC015 - THE SCOTT FARKUS AFFAIR "We Will Become Destination" CD - $10 PPD

We Will Become Destination is nothing less than a philosophical treatise. The Scott Farkus Affair comes across as much as an ethic as they do as a band. Inspiring.

1) Save The Patriots MP3
2) 1513 Union  
3) The Loyalist  
4) The Singularity  
5) I'm Not Your In  
6) Professing The Composites MP3
7) Transistors in Transistion MP3
8) The John Smith Detail  
9) I'm Not Your In  
10) Hat In Hand MP3
11) Everything Starts From Now  

We Will Become Destination


When talking about Baltimore's Scott Farkus Affair, it makes more sense to talk in terms of a force of nature rather than just an ordinary band. Think of the guitars and bass as driving sheets of rain, Jay Novak's nimble drumming as the thunder, and Mike Sheppard's vocals as the lightning. That leads to an obvious pun, but if any band has earned the accolade "electrifying," it's the Farkus. This sophomore effort serves up a tad more melody than the band's stark, more hardcore/metal debut, but the essential elements remain: Ignoring traditional notions of verse, chorus, and even melody, the Scott Farkus Affair creates roiling waves of sound punctuated by Sheppard's barking exclamations. It doesn't really matter what he's singing about - Sheppard's diction and unique phrasing render the lyrics all but unintelligible anyway. (Although it's worth pointing out that the leadoff track, "Save The Patriots," may just be SFA's most literal lyric to date, an Everyman rant against the forces of corporate and societal conformity.) But whatever the words, when Sheppard shouts, you know he means it, and you'll find yourself pumping your fist in the air and screaming your lungs out along to every teeming, tumultuous track on this magnificent release. Unleashing fury and passion without a hint of testosterone or ego, succeeds at every level. Boys, if you're looking for a role model, look no further. Here are the real men of rock and roll. Every punk-rock kid should aspire to grow up and be half as awesome as the Scott Farkus Affair.
- Jim Testa, Jersey Beat, New Jersey