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Scott Farkus Affair

ABC012 - THE SCOTT FARKUS AFFAIR "Sorrows Learn To Swim" CD - $10 PPD

This album is charged with passion and energy, brilliant powerful songs and innovative design.

1) Open Up In The Middle  
2) One More For Good Measure MP3
3) Vampires And Assassins  
4) Corners  
5) Firebreather  
6) Telegraphing The Distress  
7) The Greatest Gift  
8) The Astronomer  
9) Sentimental Enemy  

Sorrows Learn to Swim


Fucking mind-blowing. What we have here is one of the best discs to grace my CD player in a good long time. Warm, soaring guitars and gentle beginnings explode into a rage of screamed vocals and churning melodies. A great sense of dynamics mean that the songs surge back and forth in the soft/loud way that so many bands attempt but so few master. The singer has a great screaming voice but also sings the quieter sections beautifully. This would fit really well on Dischord as it is intelligent, thoughtful punk - you won't find the same three chords used over and over again here. If you appreciate emotional, subtle, yet powerful punk rock, you have to snap this one up. Truly stunning.
- World Wide

"Fuck Yeah! Now this is what I'm talking about when I use the "emo catch-phrase" in an affirmative manner. Noisy, intricate stuff with impassioned singing and solidly, heartfelt, honest lyrics. the sound is sort of a blend of "Bivouac"-era Jawbreaker and "In on the Killtaker"-vintage Fugazi, but these guys definitely have their own think going on. A great record tp put on after a really harsh, bitter breakup." *also on Dave Johnson's Top Ten List.
- Hit List, Berkeley, CA